Our multi award winning environmental & sustainability project...


“Sustainability seeks to provide the best of all possible worlds for people and the environment both now and into the indefinite future. Sustainability impacts on every level, from the local neighbourhood to the entire planet.”


At the Mains of Scotstown Inn we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of environmental initiatives.


We see our role as not only delivering locally sourced food of great quality but also honouring and preserving the environment from which this resource has arrived.


We work closely with several leading marine and farming environmental bodies, such as the Marine Conservation Society & Red Tractor to ensure that we have the very latest information on our sustainability targets.


We have been the first to take a number of important initiatives that have now filtered into the mainstream – removing endangered species and low welfare livestock from our menus way back in 2006, something the supermarkets took another four to six years to implement.


We work hard to remain true to our roots. Our shellfish, beef, pork and fish continue to come fresh from around Aberdeenshire, Grampian and the North Sea where our suppliers actively committed to supporting and protecting the area they farm, its ecology and communities.


There is much better information available today on farming, fish stocks, production and over-fishing and we are able to keep abreast of the latest data and act accordingly.


We will not serve food from endangered stocks and we ensure that the products used in the restaurant derive from a sustainable resource, either wild or farmed responsibly.



Martin E Young (MBII)

Proprietor & Managing Director

Restaurants Aberdeen



Ethical Meat & Dairy

Combatting animal cruelty and environmental damage by purchasing high welfare meat and dairy products.


Local & Seasonal

Using local and seasonal produce supports British business and reduces haulage costs and the environmental impact of transport.


Environmentally Positive Farming

Sourcing from farmers committed to high levels of environmental stewardship.


Sustainable Fish

Serving sustainably caught fish ensures the future of fish stocks and marine environments.


Fair Trade

Sourcing fairly traded produce to ensure farmers in the developing world have access to a trade system based on justice and fairness


Treating People Fairly

Whether they re a customer, supplier or staff member everyone deserves to be treated fairly.


Healthy Eating

Balanced menu options, reasonable portions and healthy cooking options all demonstrate consideration for the interests of your customers.


Responsible Marketing

Customers have a right to know the facts about their food. We encourage transparent marketing and supplier information.


Community Engagement

Our members engage their communities to support the people that support them.


Supply Chain

Considering the social and environmental impact of supply chain transportation


Waste Management

Management to reduce wastage and the amount of waste sent to landfill


Workplace Resources

Using sustainable resources reduces the amount of waste going to landfill


Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency saves resources, protects the environment and cuts costs.


Water Saving

Managing water usage saves money and reduces environmental impact.



Sustainability is good for our customers, the environment and for business. Sustainable management reduces operating costs and environmental impact, ensuring that our business is providing good food without it costing the earth.


We simplify things, assessing our business across three pillars of sustainability: Society, Sourcing and Environment. We produce a comprehensive report which gives us our sustainability rating. We produce and put into practice an action plan to help work on the areas where there's room for improvement.


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