Our suppliers...


All of the Mains of Scotstown Inns suppliers are checked for sustainability, recycling percentage and of course quality and pricing. We meet on a very regular basis to discuss our menus, seasonality and quality of delivered produce and ingredients.





“Sustainability seeks to provide the best of all possible worlds for people and the environment both now and into the indefinite future. Sustainability impacts on every level, from the local neighbourhood to the entire planet.”



Where possible we source all of our suppliers come from within a 50 mile radius of our premises, in reality a lot of our suppliers are within 20 miles of our doorstep, reducing our food miles.


Freshness & Flavour....

We ensure we visit our suppliers, farms & producers every 6 weeks to ensure produce & live stock are well looked after.


Ethical Meat & Dairy....

We know that only the best meat & dairy produce comes from animals that have been rear humanely and without modern intensive farming methods. That’s why we work with our farmers and producers to ensure that this process has been observed and met, whether by certifying bodies such as RSPCA/SSPCA .


All of our beef is from stock that are grass fed and free to roam with shelter. All of our chicken comes from British farms where they are observed for natural behaviour and permitted to mature at a safe and natural rate. Our pork, bacon & ham come from outdoor reared pigs.


Our milk and eggs come from only 15 miles away in Inverurie, reducing food miles & improving freshness. 80% of our eggs are free range.


Sustainable Fish....

Our policy is to only use “Fish to eat” as outlined by the Marine Conservation Society. Our fish only come from sustainable sources as checked and verified by the Marine Stewardship Council by way of chain of custody certification.


Fair Trade & Rain Forest Alliance....

We ensure that our coffee, sugar, hot chocolate, cooking chocolate, rice and fresh fruits are fair trade or working towards fair-trade certification. This also applies to the produce that are farmed in and around forests, rivers and wildlife to ensure that environmental saving practices are developed to save our planet, and look after the welfare of the people that bring us many of our comfort foods.


Supply Chain....

Ethical procurement is high on our agenda, not only is it the right thing to do it also makes great business sense too. Helping to build long term relationships with our suppliers, this in turn can ensure quality and security of our supplier. We ensure that we develop agreements and code of conduct to ensure a better supply and service.

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